June 1, 2015 began a new part of the journey for Trey, Candice, Sophia, Levi and Noelle. It’s a different journey than we could have dreamed of (perhaps that’s partially why we believe it is from God). It wasn’t something we expected when we were preparing for ministry. But is it something we are 100% excited to embark on with God.

Sunday, May 3, we resigned from our full-time position as Pastor to Children and Families at Central. Our last Sunday in this role was May 31. Beginning June 1, we entered into a part-time role at Central with children and families and began moving fully toward a new part of the journey we believe God is calling us into with Him.

About 5 years ago, God began to lay on our hearts local children’s leaders in the Church of the Nazarene. Out of this burden, SPARK (a three day retreat) was born. Since then and especially in resent months, this calling to help local children’s leaders connect with each other, be trained and encouraged has grown very strong and we can see how God has been preparing us for this moment for quite sometime and we didn’t even know it.

In January, Candice became a Storyteller with Tell THE Story and a few weeks ago she completed her training to be a Storyteller Trainer. As we travel, she plans to hold trainings especially with the intention of supporting Children’s Leaders in this method.

Trey has been on track to receive training to become a Strengths Finder Coach and it is his hope to come alongside local leaders as they understand their strengths and lead their leadership teams.

Together, we enjoy speaking at church camps and building relationships with local and district leaders.

Through the end of October, Central will be assisting us as we begin this new ministry and are sending us (sort of like missionaries to a people group called children and children’s leaders). Starting November 1, we will officially be traveling full-time (hopefully in an RV) doing this work across USA and eventually Canada. There are lots of details that we don’t have answers to, but it is very clear to us that God was asking us to step and we need to step and trust God would be with us on this journey. Looking back over the past month, we can already see that some of the steps we felt God asking us to take didn’t make sense, but now they do make sense.

If you are pastor we would love to come and speak to your church about what God is calling us to do. If you are a camp director and looking for camp speakers for 2016, we’d love to partner with you. If you are a district director and would like information about hosting a SPARK or a Tell THE Story training in your area, let us know. If you have connections to an RV of some sort for a family of 5, let us know.

In all honesty, we aren’t really sure what this new part of the journey will look like, but we feel God is giving us little pieces at a time and the direction we need when we need it – not when we want it. 
We would appreciate your prayers as we journey with Jesus!

Contact us at:

Trey: [email protected]

Candice: [email protected]

Trey has served in Children’s Ministry for 8 years. Most recently, he has been Pastor to Children and Families at Central Church of the Nazarene in Lenexa, KS and prior to that as Children’s Pastor at Grace Point Church of the Nazarene in Fort Wayne, IN. He holds a B.A. in Theology and Ministry from Southern Nazarene University and a Master of Divinity with a Diploma in Children’s Ministry from Nazarene Theological Seminary. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene.

Candice has been full-time mom to their 3 beautiful children. She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education from Southern Nazarene University. She was a 2nd Grade teacher and is a Certified Storyteller Trainer with Tell THE Story through the Church of the Nazarene’s Global Sunday School and Discipleship Ministry International (SDMI).

Sophia will be a 1st grade student this fall and enjoys all things girly.

Levi is 3 years old and has a recent love for Legos.

Noelle is an infant and currently her favorite activities are crawling and trying new foods.