We have EXCITING NEWS to share. Today, we are launching our new ministry…Equip to Engage. We have been working towards this day for months. Tomorrow, NTS’ Preacher’s Conference will be our first official gathering to participate in as Equip to Engage. We will have a booth, so if you are at the conference, stop by and see us or if you know someone who will be at the conference, tell them to stop by and see us.

What is Equip to Engage you are asking? It is the formal name for the lived out call of Trey and Candice Brooks. Equip to Engage seeks to inspire children’s leaders through quality, affordable, local leadership development. This is accomplished with retreats, weekend events and specialized programs.

What makes Equip to Engage unique? We concentrate on equipping, encouraging and connecting local children’s leaders and local churches. We understand many children’s leaders are lay people and are unable to attend national conferences. Equip to Engage brings resources and encouragement to the local church or geographical area.

Equip to Engage collaborates with local and district leaders as it seeks to make gatherings and resources as cost effective as possible for children’s leaders.

If you’d like, check out our website, www.equiptoengage.org and “like” our Facebook page, Equip to Engage. And tell all your friends about it!!

Also, on the website, SPARK registration is available. Just find the SPARK in your area and register. We are excited about SPARK 2016 and that it keeps spreading. SPARK is a great opportunity for districts to work together for their children’s leaders. This year, we are adding an event in Georgia and moving one to Oklahoma (to be more central). SPARK::Indiana – Indianapolis, Northeast Indiana, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Indiana Districts; SPARK::South Central – North Arkansas, South Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma, Oklahoma and Dallas Districts; SPARK::Southeast – MidSouth District. There are a few more districts who we anticipate will be joining us. We have some great on-site coordinators who are hard at work preparing for this year’s SPARK.

The words of Richard Carpenter and Karen Carpenter seem to describe our life and ministry very well. As we continue to walk into the unknowns! Karen sings, “Before the risin’ sun, we fly, So many roads to choose, We’ll start out walkin’ and learn to run, And yes, we’ve just begun…” We truly believe that we’ve only just begun in the fulfillment of this call of God on our lives. We still have unanswered questions, but are trusting God (and trying to do our part) for the future.