It’s different for us. Candice and I have either been teaching Sunday School or preparing for Elementary Worship every week for about 12 years (longer than we’ve been married). These past 9 Sundays we haven’t prepared in the same way. June 7 – we were traveling to a District Assembly; June 14 – we attended church with my childhood Children’s Church leader; June 21 – we were at Central leading a Baby Dedication Class; June 28 – we made a visit to Grace Point in between two events; July 6 – we attended Central and Noelle was baptized; July 12 – we shared our story at Glenwood First; July 19 – we shared our story at Sunshine Community; July 26 – we shared our story at Cornerstone; August 2 – we shared our story at Grace Point; and August 9 – we will attend service as a regular church going family.

It’s different for us. Our kids have been in different classes each Sunday with people they don’t know. We have worshiped in many different settings with different styles of worship.

It’s different for us. We’ve stayed in a travel trailer, someone’s basement, campground hotel room, someone’s home, hotel, someone else’s home, campground guest cabin, Candice’s grandma’s home, another hotel, and a campground cottage. And when we return to Kansas City, we will be living in someone’s basement for a few months.

It’s different for us. We have had the opportunity to meet great leaders from across the Midwest and South (and next week Canada). We’ve been able to listen and share our story. We have opportunities before us that we had never thought of before we started this journey 9 weeks ago.

It’s different for us. We have been together almost 24/7 since we left our home June 7. You might think this would get old or we would need a break. It hasn’t always been easy. It hasn’t always been perfect. But, it’s actually been amazing how this has drawn all of us closer and we have had a great time. We’ve played Gaga Ball, gone swimming (a lot), visited Silver Dollar City, eaten at some local food joints in different cities, spent time with extended family, gone to the Fort Wayne Zoo, played baseball (mostly Levi and me), watched Sophia as she makes friendship bracelets for everyone we see, eaten meals made in a microwave and toaster oven, survived massive red wasps (without even one sting), lived with no TV, watched movies (on our computer) together, drove about 6,000 miles, and that’s just the beginning of the list.

It’s different for us. We have the opportunity to own an RV, but not the funds to purchase it. So, we’ve asked for help (which is a bit of an uncomfortable thing to do) and have raised right at $10,000 that could be used towards it. Only $45,000 to go! :) To help us financially, please feel free to click here. The person selling the RV has extended our time to raise the money until early September.

It’s different for us. But even with almost everything in our lives being different, we know we are doing what we believe and feel God is asking us to do. There’s no where else we’d rather be.








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