As I am writing this post in the front seat of the van, I can hear Sophia singing in the back seat, “Joy unspeakable that won’t go away, just enough strength to live for today, so I never have to worry what tomorrow may bring, my faith is on the solid rock. I am counting on God!” This song once again is ringing true for our family.

Through a friend…of a friend…of my sister…after she shared our blog on her Facebook page, we were made aware of a traveling evangelist that has come off the road and is now ready to sell his family’s motor coach. We “just happened” to already be scheduled to be in his area two weeks after we learned of this opportunity. (God’s hand is at work even in the small details!) We were able to meet him and tour his motor coach that he traveled in with his wife and two kids. It is EXACTLY what we need. He is offering us a deal of a lifetime by selling us a fantastic motor coach that brand new was $212,000. He wants to sell it to us for only $50,000! Not only that, but he has made some substantial upgrades and is going to throw it all in including new gel batteries and a car tow. It seems like a small number in comparison, but we don’t have that kind of money lying around in our couch (especially considering we’ve already sold it!). All along, God has asked us to make decisions that don’t seem to make sense. We don’t believe that we should take out a loan and incur debt; so once again, we are counting on God to do a miracle.

Here is where wading through this new life becomes very uncomfortable for us… it isn’t always easy to ask for help, but we can’t do this on our own. We are prayerfully counting on God to supply all our needs. We know he can do that through many methods like an evangelist selling exactly what we need at exactly the right time for such a low cost. One such way is through the support of those around us. Many of you have asked how you can support us in this new ministry. Here is one way. We are asking that if the Lord is speaking to you about supporting and helping us, that you would help us raise the money needed to purchase this motor coach. We are hoping to raise $55,000 (to help with tags and insurance and replacing carpet and building bunk beds) in about one month’s time – August 5th. When we break it down, we only need 110 people to give $500, or 55 people to give $1000, or 5 and a half people to give $10,000, or a combination of these or any different amount. Please check your couch! Would you prayerfully consider being one of these people?

Tax deductable donations can be made through Central Church of the Nazarene –You can contribute online by choosing “Brooks Journey” under “Missions” by Clicking Here. You can also send a check. Please make it payable to Central Church of the Nazarene and send it to 12600 W 87th Street Parkway, Lenexa, KS 66215. In the memo line, write “Brooks Journey.”

Thank you for joining with us as we endeavor to obediently follow God’s unique call on our lives.

P.S. Please feel free to share or repost this anywhere and everywhere!