Sometimes writing monthly board reports are not fun and the only reason we do them is because we have to do them. Personally, I don’t always enjoy doing them…sit down, stop what I’m doing and write a board report. Well this week as I was writing my monthly report it became very apparent to me what God has been doing in our lives, and I am excited to share them with you in this post!

Here’s a couple examples…We have spoken to the kids at 2 District Assemblies, 1 SDMI Convention to the delegates, 1 Children’s Camp, many kids responded to God’s word, 4 opportunities to speak at churches about what God is doing in our family are scheduled, 1 board leadership retreat in July is scheduled, 5 possible Tell THE Story Trainings, 2 PALCONs, 10 loads and unloads of our van (and car topper), 5 individuals signed up for StrengthsFinder Coaching for my certification, 1 place to stay from mid-August to mid-December, 1 contact about a motorhome (please pray specifically about this and we’ll have more details soon), and being blessed above and beyond by God and those who are followers!

Sophia, Levi and Noelle are doing great! Sophia makes fast friends everywhere we go. Levi finds a stick that quickly becomes a walking stick, gun and many other things he imagines. Noelle is beginning to stand by herself and walk with assistance.

Last week, we had a great time with Southwest Ohio Kids and their leaders. At camp, Candice shared the story of Paul’s conversion and I did an object lesson that I saw at our District Pastors’ and Spouses’ Retreat. The links are below. We tweaked it a bit, but it was awesome! Later that evening, a counselor approached me to tell me her experience. She said, “I went to the altar to pray with a student. I asked him, how can I pray for you?” He responded, “I want to face God!” Isn’t that wonderful! In our sharing we never said that phrase, but the student understood that he needed to face God.

It’s important to stop and smell the roses along the way. This week, we’ve had a chance to have some fun together and enjoy Nashville while in town for PALCON at Trevecca Nazarene University. The kids have loved swimming in the hotel pool and playing at a nearby splash pad (even if it was raining). Candice and the kids got to explore the Frist Center for Visual Arts and make some of their own art. One evening we also visited the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center for the first time. That was a lot of fun! The highlight of the night was watching the fountain timed to music while eating dinner.

So reports…they take time, we have to think back over the past month, and we have to recount what has happened. While reports aren’t always my favorite thing to do, I am thankful for this opportunity to reflect and see what God has done and is doing in our lives!