This past week has been filled with firsts for the Brooks family.

  • We have spent our first 11 days in a 30′ camp trailer. (Thanks to my dad and his wife Terri for allowing us to use it!)
  • We have spoken to our first group of kids at a District Assembly.
  • We have been able to set up our SPARK booth for the first time for a SPARK with the partnership of North Arkansas, South Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma, Oklahoma and Dallas Districts.
  • We tried for the first time to make a cinnamon roll on a “hot dog stick” over the fire. (It failed.)
  • This Friday, we will be selling our home and for the first time in our lives…we will be homeless.
  • We have had many people across our country let us know that if we are in need of a place to stay, their homes are open to us. For the first time, we will be staying with one of these couples.
  • For the first time, we have been asked to address the entire SDMI Convention.
  • We have been invited to a few churches to do our first trainings for Tell THE Story. (If you’re interested in this, please let us know.)
  • I have contacted individuals for my first coaching sessions in the process of becoming a StrengthsFinder Coach.
  • We have scheduled our first speaking opportunities to share in local churches (other than Central) what God is doing in our lives.
  • We have received our first responses from an article we were asked to write about SPARK for the USA/Canada Regional Office magazine, “Connections.”

We are still waiting on some firsts…

  • The full plan God has for us (perhaps that will be a constant work in process).
  • The first day we move into our own RV (perhaps God has another plan).
  • Our first trips to the west coast and Canada.

We are learning new firsts…

  • New levels of leaning on Jesus
  • New ways of living in humility
  • New methods of parenting on the go – please pray for us :)

We know God has called us and we do appreciate your prayers as God is filling in the pieces as we go!