An echoing house is what we have these days. This past week has been a full week! We have been making final preparations for our departure. We took the final load to our storage unit. (Unfortunately, from our last blog we had to increase to a 10×15. Fortunately, it was just across the hall from the 10×10…thank you, Jesus! It is organized and I’m thankful for the skills I acquired during seminary from UPS.)

All the big furniture and appliances have sold! If you need something to be sold, Candice is excellent and choosing the right price! An older gentleman (you insert whatever age you feel is “older”) and a younger gentleman came to pick up our refrigerator. They came in and could see that it was quite empty in our house. He said, “Are you guys moving?” I said, “We have sold most of our stuff and are going on the road full-time.” He looked at me speechless for a moment. I wasn’t sure what was coming next from him. Then he replied, “Ooo! That’s not the answer I was expecting. I am so jealous. You’re my hero! I’m going home to tell Mama about this.” The remainder of the time they were picking up our refrigerator he was talking to me about how jealous he was and how we were his hero. The way in which we are living seems so natural to us, that sometimes I forget how crazy it sounds to people who are hearing it for the first time.

We purchased a rather large car topper – I can almost lay down in it – for our van. We loaded everything we think we might need for the summer and hit the road Sunday at 6:00 AM. Candice diligently prepared our home and kids for us to leave. She is an amazing wife and mom! The kids are excited about what’s ahead of us. We have been looking forward to now. It has been hectic, stressful and we are now on the road. It feels like we all need to take a deep breath, plop into the couch and say, “Whew!”

This week, we are at the North Arkansas District Assembly. We are excited to be sharing with the kids in evening services and the leaders in a Tell THE Story workshop.