Well, today is the day! Our new journey has started. Last night, we had a wonderful time of sharing our story with our church family at Central. It has been so awesome to see how God has brought our story and the story of Central together to advance the story of God! We cannot say thank you enough to a church board that isn’t afraid to think differently or to the Children’s Leadership Team that is willing to work with an arrangement that isn’t normal.

Today, we had hoped to post much earlier, but we have been moving all of our “stuff” into a 10×10 storage unit. As I have been lifting and stacking our “stuff,” it got me to thinking about what we decided to keep. If you were to take a look into our storage unit, you would find some bookshelves with baskets of books…our plan is, as we drive through Kansas City, to have our own sort of library. You would find a few tubs of toys…so the kids can get fresh toys. You would find an old sewing box…this was my mom’s. You would find an NYC ’99 poster…this was an amazing event neither of us will soon forget. You would find some hand-me-down clothes from Sophia that are waiting to be worn by Noelle. You would find some supplies we think we’ll need for living full-time on the road…there are probably too many, but we’ve never lived on the road before and aren’t sure what that will fully require. You would find a stack of boxes that didn’t sell at our last yard sale and that we hope to sell in a yard sale this fall. You would find a few boxes of memories and pictures from the past. Mostly you would find things we think we will need for this new calling or things that have significant memories attached to them. Could we get rid of more? Probably.

It is interesting the amount of stuff we acquire and how we can become so attached to it. I was reminded today that I want to be attached to Jesus, not earthly stuff.